Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure how many people actually read the introductory posts on blogs, but I figured I should put something up anyway.

I’m currently part of the first cohort of students at the Metis Data Science bootcamp in New York City. I feel there is a lot riding on my shoulders, both for my own sake as someone who is trying to transition into a new field and for Metis as a new player in the bootcamp space. I am both anxious and excited, and as the program has progressed I feel like I am in good hands.

As of this writing we are actually beginning Week 8. I have been recording notes about my experiences each week as I have been attending the program, so my intention over the next few posts will be to retroactively post both my reactions to the course as I was first encountering them and my current thoughts looking back on the experience.

Thanks for reading.

Written on October 19, 2014